Crassula 'Tristan'

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Crassula 'Tristan'

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Crassula 'Tristan' is a rich flowering new hybrid made by Jean Michel Moullec from France.
The mother parent was Crassula capitella ssp. nodulosa (location Gauteng) and the pollen parent probably Crassula ausensis 'Littlewoodii'.

'Tristan' is named after the person from the legend "Tristan and Iseult". Jean Michel selected a second cultivar from the sowing, sown in 2007, and this one is named 'Iseult'.
It looks extra cute when more rosettes are planted together, see the picture from my mother pot above.
Therefore you'll get extra large discounts if you purchase more plants of 'Tristan' at once.

Quite easy to grow, without special needs. Just a lot of sun and a limited water supply!

In summer Crassula 'Tristan' blooms abundantly during many weeks

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