Crassula tomentosa

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Crassula tomentosa

syn. Crassula obvallata
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Grows slowly and in compact rosettes of greyish green leaves with tiny white hairs at the rims.
Even the young plants look very cute.

Keep the plant dry and put it on a sunny window-sill or in a greenhouse for the best compact rosettes.
To avoid that the nice rosette form gets lost, you better stop watering from the end of September if the plant is overwintered on a cool spot.
If in a warmer room, put the pot once per two months in a bit of water so that only the lower 1-2cm of the soil gets wet.
From March when there are some warm sunny days you can slowly give more water.

Sometimes a new rosette is built at the base of the old rosette, but this is not usual and growth is slow.
After a few years, when the plant has flowered, it will finally start to build new rosettes, but you'll loose the old one then.

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