Crassula tomentosa var. glabrifolia

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Crassula tomentosa var. glabrifolia

syn. Crassula tomentosa var. interupta
Price each: (at least 2 rosettes per plug)
1x E6,00
2x E5,50
3x E5,00
4x E4,50

Grows slowly and compact, a dwarf form of the normal Crassula tomentosa.
It makes a lovely carpet of tightly packed and stacked rosettes of approximately 1 to 1.5cm in diameter.
Keep the plants dry and put them on a sunny window-sill or greenhouse for the best plant shape and leaf colour. Very small white hairs at the rims of the leaves take care of the special colour effects.

At the base of the plants new tiny rosettes will be developed so that the pot will get more and more covered.
White flowers can appear during or after a cold winter storage.

Natural habitat:
Growing in sheltered rock crevices or under overhanging rocks; found in south-western Namibia and the Cape Province along the eastern slopes of the mountains between the Great Karoo + Tanqua Karoo and Bushmanland to near Laingsburg.

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