Crassula tecta

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Crassula tecta

Price each:
Clone 1: E6,00
Clone 2: E7,50
Clone 3: E7,50

There are several different looking clones from Crassula tecta.
Clone 1: Quite common, nice "frosted" look of the leaves, rounded leaf tip.
Clone 2: Short, thick rounded leaves.
Clone 3: Nice "frosted" look of the leaves, pointed leaf tip.

Grows very slowly and compact. First you can still clearly see a rosette, later it splits up and then after a few years it just looks like a globe full of fat leaves.
Nice grey leaf colour covered with white papillae. On the pictures below the plant looks quite large, but the diameter of the rosette is just 4-5cm (2").

At the end of autumn long flower stalks appear with nice globular inflorescences that often start to flower in November and continue to bloom long into the winter months.

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