Stapelia hirsuta

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Stapelia hirsuta

syn. Starfish flower / Carrion flower
Price each: (2 shoots per plug)
1x E4,50
2x E4,00

Please note that this is no Crassula, but a Stapelia.

It makes hairy, red-brown, starfish-like flowers with tiny yellow stripes. This species flowers much easier than her bigger sister Stapelia grandiflora.
The flowers spread a carrion odour that you can only smell when your nose is near the flower.
This odour attracts flies that have to take care of the pollination of the flower.

Check out the seedpod on the 2nd picture. It's HUGE!!! It takes about 9 months from flower to ripening of the seeds.
Originally from South Africa and southern Namibia. Grows up to 20cm tall and the stems are from 1 to 1.5cm wide.

Put the plant on a light spot but avoid burning sun during summer. In winter you should always keep the plant above 5 degrees Celsius.

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