Aloe polyphylla

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Aloe polyphylla

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Plants of about 45cm to 50cm diameter, in a 38cm diameter pot. Too large and too have for shipping, so pick up in the Netherlands only!

The very rare Spiral Aloe.
This beautiful species evolved in the high elevations of the Drakensberg mountains of southern Africa. The unique spiral arrangement of its leaves make Aloe polyphylla very special and beloved.
Even more strange is that some plants have their spiral turning to the left and others to the right!
By positioning the leaves on this way, the plant has an optimal use of sunlight.

The soil in her natural environment is always humid, so you can water frequently. Do care of a well draining soil, containing quite a large part of horticultural sand and/or lava.

Adult Aloe polyphylla plants tolerate snow and temperatures between minus 12 and plus 35 degrees Celsius (between 10 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and are a bit hardy.

Seeds are very difficult to germinate. To be sure to grow a nice plant of this species, you better buy healthy young plants instead of a package of seeds.
That might be less exciting, but at least you won't get disappointed because of non germinating seeds.
This species does not produce cuttings and does not split itself into more rosettes.

Aloe polyphylla grows quite fast and will reach a maximum diameter of approximately 90cm (3ft) after 6-10 year.

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