Crassula plegmatoides S.E. Alexander Bay

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Crassula plegmatoides S.E. Alexander Bay

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A very rarely offered XL-form of the Crassula plegmatoides.
The beautiful silvergrey columns of this form are at least twice as wide as those of the normal form.
But they grow very slowly and hardly branch. That's why it took many years before I now finally can share a few plants of it.
And when these are gone, it will take several years before some will become available again.

The location where this form was found is "S.E. Alexander Bay", that means South-East of Alexander Bay, a small village in South-Africa at the river mouth of the Oranjerivier on the border with Namibia.

Left the normal C. plegmatoides, right the XL-form that originates from South-East of Alexander Bay.
Normally it doesn't need any support, but in the dusty, sandy soil in which I received the plant it wasn't stable enough to hold the heavy column upright.

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