Crassula perforata 'Albino'

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Crassula perforata 'Albino'

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This is a white mutation from the white-green variegated Crassula perforata 'Variegata', found by myself.
In the growing tips the green lines are missing, so that the leaves are completely white. See the comparison on the picture above.
Normally an albino-plant can't live on its own, because each plant always needs parts with chlorophyl for the energy production.
But because the leaves turn light green when they mature, this albino is still able to take care of itself.

Sturdy branches, upright growth. Not difficult to grow. Can have more water than the average Crassula.
By breaking out the growing tip, you can stimulate branching and make a more bushy plant.
In full light the leaves develop pinkish rims.

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