Crassula 'Pangolin'

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Crassula 'Pangolin'

Price each: (max. 2 per client, available again from September 2018)
1x E15,00
2x E14,00

Crassula 'Pangolin' is one of the newest hybrids from the USA by John Trager, a cross made within the Huntington International Succulent Introduction programm between Crassula barklyi and Crassula perfoliata var. minor x Crassula tecta, quite a complex crossing, introduced under number ISI 2011-23.

The shoots can grow up to 5cm/2" wide. After several years they flower with a large globular inflorescence full of honey scented, crème-white flowers at the end of the growing tip.
A very special appearance within the Crassula family, slowly growing and very rare.

'Pangolin' is named after the pangolin animal: a with scales armoured ant and termite eater. The leaves of this Crassula and their position look similar to this weird looking creature.

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