Crassula mesembryanthemopsis

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Crassula mesembryanthemopsis

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Crassula mesembryanthemopsis develops very low growing rosettes, even sometimes growing partially in the soil, which develop more growing tips during the years. Then they still keep their nice round and compact growth and the blue-green leaves with a flat tip grow close together.
Growth and propagation is very slow.

This miniature Crassula species flowers in winter (February/March) with small white flowers in globular inflorescenses which get hardly above the rosettes.
Take care for as much light as possible, all year long, to cultivate a strong, tough plant.

Watering, 3x a year is sufficient, should be done from below. So put the pot in a few centimeters (1 inch) of water during 1-2 minutes to let the lower part of the soil absorb some water.
The upper layer of the soil can better be kept dry to avoid rotting of the rosettes. Also avoid water drops getting stuck between the leaves for the same reason.
Don't water from October until March. A cool spot (5 - 12 degrees Celsius) during winter is ideal.

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