Crassula marchandii

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Crassula marchandii

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Named after G. Marchand, the horticulturist who took care of the Crassula collection of Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in Les Cèdres, France.
Introduced in 1970 by ISI under number ISI640, from the Knersvlakte in the West Cape (Zuid-Afrika).
There seem to be at least 2 different clones which will be separately offered here in the future.

Crassula marchandii has a bit shiny, dark green, very densely stacked leaves that can get a nice redish colouration when it grows in full sun and gets a limited water supply.
After some time the plant forms several shoots at the base but the shoots also branch after flowering.

Three or four times a year a good watering, where the soil gets drenched well, is sufficient for this plant.

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