Crassula 'Hottentot'

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Crassula 'Hottentot'

syn. Crassula rupestris var. marnierana
Price each: (at least 2 plants per plug)
1x E3,00
2x E2,75

Leaves are thick, flat circles in the centre "pierced" by a relatively thin stem.
Because of these thin stems it's an ideal plant to use in a hanging basket, f.i. behind a sunny window. But the first time it will stay within the pot as it is quite a slow grower.

After a cool but frost free overwintering, it can flower abundantly with small inconspicuous flowers, but their odour isn't pleasant to smell.
Why the name 'Hottentot'? Well a potfull of this plant is remarkably similar to an Afro (or Hottentot) hairstyle.

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