Crassula erosula 'Flame'

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Crassula erosula 'Flame'

syn. Crassula 'Camp Fire'
Price each:
1x E6,00
2x E5,50
3x E5,00
4x E4,50

This rarely offered cultivar can turn extremely nice red. A real eye-catcher!
Put it outside on a sunny spot in spring as soon as there's no chance for night frost anymore and this Crassula will bring you a superb fire red colouration contrasting with a light green centre.
With a beautiful symmetric growth of tightly stacked leaves.

Bring it inside in autumn as soon as the first night frosts are expected and keep it very dry on a sunny and cool (but frost free) spot during winter. That's the best treatment to keep the red colouration conservated as long as possible.

Perfect for beginners, but also a great addition for the pro's!

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