Crassula 'Fernwood'

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Crassula 'Fernwood'

Price each: (available again from April 2018)
1x E7,50
2x E7,00
3x E6,50
4x E6,00

A very kind miniature Crassula that flowers in spring with nice yellow little flowers that are in a small globular inflorescence on a short stem above the plant.

This cultivar develops into a small carpet full of tiny rosettes. Really recommended for every succulent collection!
It is a hybrid between Crassula namaquensis ssp. comptonii (also named Crassula comptonii) and Crassula susannae.

The best way to water is from below, for example by putting the pot in about 3-4cm water for a couple of minutes.
So better don't water over the rosettes, definitely not during cool and humid weather to avoid rotting.

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