Crassula 'Estagnol'

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Crassula 'Estagnol'

syn. Crassula 'Extagnol' / 'Extaniol' and Crassula spiralis
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Quite a slow grower. It has a remarkably rotating leaf growth because each new leaf is just partially overlapping the previous leaf. When you look good you can actually discover four spirals of leaves twisting parallel around eachother. A wonderful sight!

Once I purchased this cultivar from Italy. Then it was named Crassula extaniol.
But I couldn't trace this name anywhere. Crassula 'Estagnol' seems to be the good one.

In 2003 the Dutch succulent specialist Cok Grootscholten and Aldo Torrebruno visited Mrs. Gaudon.
At that time she lived in the neighbourhood Estagnol of the french city Antibes, about 15km from Nice.
Cok told me that Mrs. Gaudon had a lot of seedlings from open pollinated seeds, all mixed together, and between them there were about 20 very similar plants.
Cok took 2 of them back to Holland and named this new cultivar 'Estagnol'.
Probably C. pyramidalis is one of the parents of this hybrid.

Keep the plant quite dry to avoid a too elongated growth and put it on a sunny window-sill or in a greenhouse for the best plant shape.
In my opinion it needs a bit more nutrients and water than most other Crassulas to keep the leaves nice green. You can also give less sun to get the same result.

When the plant is old enough the growing tip splits up into 3 to 6 growing tips, as shown on the pictures above.
It can also flower then with tiny white blooms.

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