Echeveria lauii

How to order this plant?

Echeveria lauii

syn. Echeveria laui
Price each in 10,5cm diameter pot:
1x E15,00
2x E14,00
3x E13,00
4x E12,00
Plants will be shipped including pot and soil to keep growth undisturbed. Ask for the shipping costs to your country!

Very rare and awesome Echeveria, nice low growing rosette. Leaves are covered with a white powder.
With packing the plants I will do my very best to keep the white powder untouched, but I can not guarantee that all leaves will reach you completely covered.

Propagation is extremely difficult, but adult plants are more easy to keep as long as you limit the water supply.
Water only from below and let the soil get really dry between two waterings.
Give as much light as possible. In winter when there is less light, it is better to drop temperatures to 10-15 degrees Celsius.

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