Crassula deceptor

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Crassula deceptor

syn. Crassula deceptrix
Price each:
Clone 1: E9,00 (available again September 2018, max. 2 per customer)
Clone 2: E9,00 (max. 2 per customer)
Clone 3: E9,00 (available again September 2018, max. 2 per customer)
Clone 4: E6,00 (max. 2 per customer)

A very slow growing species with thick leaves that are very closely stacked on eachother.
It has a remarkably large variation in appearance, as shown on the pictures.

Clone 1: Clear lines and dots. Pointed leaves.
Clone 2: Quite representative for the species. Clear dots on the leaves.
Clone 3: Extremely "white", without dots and lines.
Clone 4: Dwarf form. Everything much smaller than the species.

Deceptor is Latin for "cheater". The plant is named like this because in nature it grows between quartz stones, very well camouflaged and therefore not easily seen.
Locations where it can be found are in Namaqualand SW - Africa: Lüderitz, Knersvlakte, N - Richtersveld until Bushmanland.

Crassula deceptor has been used several times for making hybrids, sometimes being the father, sometimes as the mother.
Examples: Crassula 'Moonglow', Crassula 'Dorothy' and Crassula 'Frosty'.

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