Crassula cremnophila Jansenville

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Crassula cremnophila Jansenville

Price each: (available again from Autumn 2019)
1x E12,00
2x E11,00

This miniature Crassula is rarely seen in cultivation and at first sight you could think it is Crassula hemisphaerica.
But the inflorescenses are rounded and the flowers in the thyrse are much larger than those of C. hemisphaerica. Flower colour is white or pink.
On the leaf edges there is a row of densely stacked white hairs, so that it seems that the leaves have a white rim.
The leaf can partially get a redish glow when the plants get a lot of light and are sparingly watered.
Slow grower.

This South-African species is confined to the sheer rock faces of both the Baviaanskloof and Kouga River regions.
It occurs in shade in crevices of vertical cliff faces, usually on eastern and southern aspects.
The offered clone was found by G.J. Rossouw with location number 541 Jansenville.

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