Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora

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Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora

syn. Crassula corymbulosa
Price each:
1x E9,00
2x E8,00
Please note: there are 2 clones! When you order please state which one you want: "red leaf" or "brown leaf".
If you order one of each the price belonging to "1x" counts for both.

Grows in compact, symmetrically shaped "towers". During summer the leaves can get a red blush or become brown-red when they are in direct sunlight.
The tiny white flowers, just about 3mm in diameter, appear in late summer and autumn between the leaves in the towers.

Keep the plant dry to very dry and put it on a sunny window-sill or greenhouse for the best leaf colour and tight stacked leaves.
A guideline: place the pot in 1-2cm water for just a few minutes once every month from April to September.
If you water too often or too much, the stems will stretch and you will loose the nice tower shape.

In summer this lovely minature Crassula can be placed outside too, but get it back inside temporarily during rainy periods to avoid that the plant gets too much water and the rosettes will rot.

This subspecies was found on the Signalberg in Namibia.

This is the dark form with a bit smaller leaves

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