Crassula capitella

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Crassula capitella

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Crassula capitella shows us many different forms of which two very beautiful clones from the subspecies thyrsiflora (see elsewhere on this website).
An other lovely form is this one that I was able to obtain many years ago.
The name mentioned on the label is Crassula capitella and it was grown from seed that was brought to the Netherlands by Ada Schoonderwoerd, probably harvested on one of her trips to South-Africa, with location number 9298.
Unfortunately this number doesn't give me any usable information, but this became one of the most beautiful Crassulas from my collection!

It develops a nice short, compact rosette that shows up a very special flower stem when the rosette comes in adult stage, have a look at the picture above for the result.
As soon as the tiny white flowers between the small leaves open, the beauty of the flower stem fades a bit because of some curves and twists in the stem, but until then it is a plant with a perfect symmetry.
Water the plant very sparingly during the development of the flower stem, so that the small leaves of this nice torch stay closely stacked together as long as possible with the eye-catching look as result.
The offered plants are cuttings from the plant on the picture, so not raised from seed, but this actually counts for all plants on my website...

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