Crassula 'Buddhas Temple'

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Crassula 'Buddhas Temple'

Price each: approx 2cm tall
1x E4,50
2x E4,00
Also bigger sizes available,
ask for possibilities and prices.

A very eye-catching appearance! Buddha's Temple is a hybrid between Crassula falcata and Crassula pyramidalis, made in 1959 by Myron Kimnach from the U.S.A.
But because it's a very slow growing cultivar, it has never been propagated commercially in large numbers. So even over 50 years after the creation of it, Buddha's Temple is still hard to find.
Full sun and just a few times a year a large watering take care of a nicely shaped Thai temple with densely stacked leaves.

When the plant is several years old, it can develop a compact cluster of many tiny white flowers which turn a bit pinkish later on. These flower clusters last for many weeks!
My motherplant was in flower during spring 2010 with a brilliant presentation of no less than 4 flower clusters, as you can see on the right picture.

This Crassula should be in each succulent collection!

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