Crassula barklyi

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Crassula barklyi

syn. Crassula teres
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This "rattlesnake"-Crassula, see the similarity with the snake's tail, grows very slowly with so dense on and in eachother folded leaves, that solid pillars arise.
With this the leaf surface is limited to a minimum and therewith also the evaporation of water: the plant's natural protection against the extremely dry climate where it lives in.

To keep the pillars in good solid shape, you should water very sparingly, just a few times a year.
Watering too often will cause the stems to stretch and space appears between the leaves. This is not positive for the shape of the plant and it gets weaker for fungi.

After a while at the base some young shoots appear. Take one off carefully now and then and put it in the soil beside the motherplant. Older plants let the leaves of the lower part of the pillars die back and a more humid climate during winter can cause rotting overthere after which the entire plant could die.

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