Crassula ausensis Signalberg

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Crassula ausensis Signalberg

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Lovely miniature Crassula, growing very short and slowly expanding in width.
The leaves, with an unusual light green colour, get a nice red rim under sunny summer conditions combined with a limited water supply.

It flowers abundantly every year with short stemmed inflorescences full of small white flowers.
Watering about 4 to 5 times a year will be sufficient. When grown in a very well draining soil mix, for example with a lot of pumice, you could water a few times more.
When the leaves shrinked a bit, feel soft and are easy to bend when you carefully push the leaf tips down, it is time to water again.
Within 24 to 36 hours the leaves will be sucked full of water again and almost double in volume compared to before watering.

This clone was found on the Signalberg in Namibia.

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