Crassula ausensis 'Littlewoodii'

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Crassula ausensis 'Littlewoodii'

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The only Crassula ausensis that grows in height instead of forming low growing dense compact rosette clusters.
The pubescent and pointed leaves get a red-beige tint when the plant is kept dry while growing in full light.

'Littlewoodii' blooms rich every year on short stemmed inflorescences full of tiny white flowers.
About 4 to 5 waterings a year will be sufficient when grown in Northern Europe. When you use a very well draining soil mix, for example with a large share of pumice, you might water a few times more often.
When the leaves are shrinked, feel weak and bend easily when you press on the leaf tips, then it's time for the next watering.
Within 24 to 36 hours the leaves will be sucked full of water again and should be nearly twice the volume compared to before the watering.

The location where this plant was found is Keetmanshoop, Namibia. It was found by Mr. Littlewood and he gave seeds of this plant to International Succulent Introductions (ISI) who introduced it to the public under number ISI 1461 in 1984.

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