Crassula 'Alice Herbert'

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Crassula 'Alice Herbert'

Price each: (available again from September 2018, max. 2 per client)
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A not yet wide spread Crassula hybrid from the mid 1990's bred by Max Holmes from Australia.
This crossing between Crassula tomentosa and Crassula 'Coralita' (C. susannae x C. perfoliata v. falcata), of which the seed parent isn't known, forms quite a large rosette with beautiful grey, fat leaves. After some time it develops into a cluster of rosettes.

The tall, sturdy and many-flowered inflorescence, which appears during the winter, is very special. Pale pink, starry flowers.

Mr. Holmes decided to name this very distinctive hybrid in memory of Mrs. Alice Herbert, who died in 1995.
For many years she was a valued member of the Geelong Cactus and Succulent Club and a keen grower of Crassulaceae.

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