Crassulas belong to the group of plants known as "succulents".
Many species originally come from South Africa and grow in sunny, dry areas.
They are able to survive long dry periods. This is important to know when you grow Crassula on your own window-sill.

The most important thing to realise is not to give a little bit of water every few days.
This can harm the plant, and it's not good for the shape of the plant.
The plant will grow too fast and it will lose its beauty. When the soil is too wet there is also the possibility that the roots will rot.

Let the soil dry out properly before you water it again.
When you think you can water it again, make sure the soil gets soaked with the water completely and then let it drain till all the remaining water is gone.
After such a watering the plant can do without water for weeks!
Beware: If the soil is dry at the top, it doesn't mean that the lower part of the pot is dry too! The soil has to be dry there as well before you make the next watering.
As each species has it's own demands, please read specific care info about each species on its own page that you can find in the Main Menu.

From the end of October till the end of February there is so little light that the plant hardly needs any water. Maybe once or twice in this period you can put the plant on a dish with some water on it, so that only the bottom part of the pot will absorb some water. This should be sufficient.
Please do not water the plant as much as during the rest of the year.

Because Crassula grow slowly it is not necessary to feed it much. A little manure for indoor plants a few times per year is enough.

Another important point is the light. Full sunshine; a place on the south side of your house; on the window-sill. This is ideal to be sure that the colour of the leaves stays beautiful, and that the leaves grow very near, closely stacked on each other.
Many species can even be placed outside during summer. But beware of sun burnt, specially in the first weeks after putting them outside.

Crassula are not very difficult when it comes to the soil in which they should be planted.
It is important that the soil can drain the water immediately, so good drainage is a must.
You can easily mix 15-20% of sand through the soil.
A bed of tiny stones or gravel on top of the pot looks elegant but by doing that it makes it more difficult to judge if the soil is still wet or dry.
Try to get the feeling first of how to handle your plants before you start working with stones / gravel.

And last but not least the plants need love and attention! :-)
Try to give all your plants enough attention throughout the year.
I know, there are always a few favourites, but do not forget that all the others try to please you as well, as much as they can!

Enjoy your Crassulas... I do that every day.

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