How to order plants

Do you like to grow and collect Crassula species too?
Quite addictive, in my opinion... :-)

For Crassula friends and enthousiasts I sometimes grow young plants that are rooted in small pots.

I ship them throughout the European Union without pots but including the soil, so that they will continue to grow without disturbance.
It are expressively small plants, so not large adult ones. Sometimes they are just 1cm tall and/or in diameter, because in many cases it are miniature species.
But in all cases it are healthy plants.

In a flat cardboard box, that still just fits through the letterbox, 4 or (often) 5 plants can be packed.

Minimum order quantity is 4 plants. It can be 4 different species/cultivars, but also 4 plants of the same and everything what's in between of course.

Shipping costs within the European Union for 2017 are:
E 7,50 for 4 to 6 plants normal Priority shipping, or E13,00 for Registered shipment (signed for).
E11,00 for 7 to 12 plants in unregistered parcel, or E16,00 for Registered parcel (signed for).

When you want to order more than 12 plants, ask for a calculation of the shipping costs.
It is also possible to let me remove most soil from the roots, so that more plants will fit in the standard small box for normally 4 to 6 plants.

Orders can be sent by email to year round. They are treated in order of receipt and as long as stock lasts.

Shipments are sent out year round, except during frosty periods.
The plants are grown from my own hobby culture, not from nature, and are available in small numbers.
If you are looking for other Crassula species/cultivars than mentioned on this website, just ask, I have over 100 in my collection, but it will take years before they all appear online.

The most important rules:
* Shipping will follow within 1-3 days after payment is received and plants are in stock.
* Shipping is always at buyers risk.
* does not take any responsibility regarding damage and/or loss during shipment.
* Exchange or money-back is not possible.
* is a private person, not a company.
* Payment options:
-- By wire banktransfer in Euros, all bank costs are for your own account
-- Sending cash via registered mail
-- Through PayPal, for most European countries you pay 4% extra to cover PayPal costs with a minimum of 1.50, for some countries 5,5%. When paid by PayPal the order will only be sent as Registered shipment (signed for).
* As soon as the plants have been shipped, you'll get noticed by email.

All offers are without engagement and provided that plants are in stock.

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